Hey, guys. Me abhinav and m very nice to them who are wid me. I like to make frnds and chat wid them... As u see my profile u know most of the things about me if u wanna know more so add me as your frnd on FACEBOOK/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM. And i a: always there 2 accept your request.

I want to be a Motivational Speaker, a Blogger in India. I Talk to make people Happy, Energetic & Focused own goal. My friends think I’m a comedian too. Personally, I feel that I am a serious student of ‘Life’ & ‘Living Life Better’.
I am a very ambitious person and would like to be most successful in my career.
I am always ready to learn new things as and when possible. I like reading books and magazines and always interested to look on and get information about New Technologies and Enhancements. I try to gather lots of knowledge wherever I get and also interact with seniors and colleagues for the same.
Right now I am doing PG in INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS DRIVES but I have already set my back straight to work hard towards my goals.